Research, Inquiry and Digital Literacy

The Inquiry and Research Process

The purpose of the inquiry model is to provide a guide to follow during your research assignment. The Inquiry Wheel (OLA) is organized in 4 stages. You may move back and forth through these stages as you are learning and completing your research. Research is a dynamic process. 

Four stages of researchInquiry Model noting exploring, investigating, processing and creating

The following four stages of research will help to organize and guide your learning throughout your inquiry:

  1. Exploring;
  2. Investigating;
  3. Processing; and
  4. Creating.

Academic honesty 

Our students and staff believe in the dignity of the human person.  Respecting the rights of oneself and of others, is one of our fundamental Catholic values.  We are responsible to ourselves, one another and the larger society.  

All work, whether a test, exam, or assignment, must be expressed in students' own ideas.  Others' ideas are respected and acknowledged in developmentally and academically accepted ways. Responsibility is shown for completing work on time, and seeking additional time and assistance when needed. 


Canadian copyright law protects the creator of a literary, artistic, dramatic or musical work (including computer programs) or its performance or delivery.  Acknowledgement of the original source must be given.  If someone's words, thoughts, ideas or work are submitted without giving credit to the creator, this is considered plagiarism, or breaking copyright. 

Examples of work that must be acknowledged, or cited: 

  • Direct quotes 
  • Paraphrased ideas or information 
  • Statistics 
  • Images of graphs, charts, photos, videos, media files 
  • Music, songs, soundtracks, recordings of sounds 
  • Computer programs 
  • Scripts, plays, books, pamphlets, screenplays, films, movies 
  • Paintings, photographs, drawings, maps, plans, sculptures 

Need to write a bibliography (a.k.a. "Works Cited")

Look no further! Here are some useful resources to help lighten your load, click on the buttons below:

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Citation Guides

In a hurry? You can download these quick Citation Guides:

Useful Research Links and Databases

Remember not all sites are reliable source of information. Before doing online research, make sure that you evaluate your web sources. Learn how to evaluate web sources, click here.

Other sources of research include: