Staff Directory

Our staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-427-6667.

Administrator Title Phone Extension
Mr. J. Di Vizio Principal 53000
Mrs. J. Langstaff-Mullett Vice-Principal - Surnames K - Z 53005
Name Title Phone Extension
Mr. T. Lee Loy Chaplain 53020
Mr. S. Vegter Chief Custodian 53025
Administrative Assistant Title Phone Extension
Ms. K. Visser

Senior Administrative Assistant & Assistant to the Principal

Ms. S. Knapp Administrative Assistant - Guidance & Attendance 53008
Ms. A. DeSario Administrative Assistant - Finance 53002


Department/Subject Phone Extension
Ms. S. Ashton Business / E-Learning / Cosmotology 40530
Ms. T. Baglole Gr. 7 & 8 Intermediate Guidance Councillor  
Ms. P. Bartlett Civics / Geography 40506
Ms. J. Bellisle Health & Physical Education (Acting Department Head) 40505
Ms. A. Campbell English 40549
Ms. S. Caruso    
Mr. J. Cannon

Guidance Councillor Surnames A - J
(Department Head)

Mr. P. Coghlan Learning Commons 53018
Mr. L. Cullaton Student Success 53009
Mr. R. Dickinson Science & Math 40519
Mr. T. Dolighan


(Department Head)

Ms. V. Dumo Religion & French
Ms. G. Earon Science & Religion 40541
Mr. D. Floyd Science (Department Head)
Ms. M. Flynn    
Ms. S. Gardiner Cooperative Education 53012
Mr. M. Gibson Automotive and Wood Shop 41433
Ms. D. Gillespie English 40547
Mr. S. Griffith Personal & Fitness Activities 40527
Mr. M. Heffernan Law, Religion & Tech 40551
Ms. A. Hughes Careers, History & Canada World Studies 40529
Ms. K. Hurst Program Support )(Department Head) 53013
Ms. N. Jones Guidance Councillor Students K-Z  53010
Mr. H. Lucas Math 40419
Mr. S. MacKinnon Robotics, Computers & Tech (Department Head) 40533
Ms. L. Maynard English, French & Modern Languages
(Department Head)
Mr. S. Murray Math (Department Head) 40554
Ms. I. Nekkers Food & Nutrition 40538
Ms. M. Okolie Science 40539
Mr. M. Orsag Canada World Studies (Department Head)
Ms. L. Paterson Program Support Teacher 53038
Ms. C. Sgroi    
Mr. B. Shields English 40542
Ms. D. Simpson Arts & Drama (Department Head) 40543
Ms. M. Taylor    
Educational Assistants / Ext.
Ms. L. Breton             40509
Ms. R. Darbin             41576
Mr. C. Eady                41252
Ms. M. Farag              41112
Ms. P. Fox-Waugh       40523
Ms. P. Lawlor             40550
Ms. P. Lehman           40531
Ms. N. Lothian           40790
Ms. S. Wright            40548

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