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Administrator Title Phone Extension
Mr. J. Di Vizio Principal 53000
Mr. S. O'Connor Vice Principal - Surnames A - J 53004
Mrs. J. Langstaff-Mullett Vice-Principal - Surnames K - Z 53005
Name Title Phone Extension
Mr. T. Lee Loy Chaplain 53020
Mr. S. Vegter Chief Custodian 53025
Administrative Assistant Title Phone Extension
Ms. K. Visser

Senior Administrative Assistant & Assistant to the Principal

Ms. S. Knapp Administrative Assistant - Guidance & Attendance 53008
Ms. A. DeSario Administrative Assistant - Finance 53002


Department/Subject Phone Extension
Ms. S. Ashton Business / E-Learning / Cosmotology 40530
Ms. T. Baglole Gr. 7 & 8 Intermediate Guidance Councillor 40268
Ms. P. Bartlett Civics / Geography 40506
Ms. J. Bellisle Health & Physical Education (Acting Department Head) 40505
Ms. A. Campbell English 40549
Mr. J. Cannon

Guidance Councillor Surnames A - J
(Department Head)

Ms. M. Clemits English & ESL 40512
Mr. P. Coghlan Learning Commons 53018
Ms. C. Congrady Program Support 
Mr. L. Cullaton Student Success 53009
Ms. A. Dickinson Drma, Music & English 41170
Mr. R. Dickinson Science & Math 40519
Mr. T. Dolighan


(Department Head)

Ms. V. Dumo Religion & French
Ms. G. Earon Science & Religion 40541
Mr. M. Evans Phys Ed 41871
Mr. D. Floyd Science (Department Head)
Ms. L. Forest Music 40508
Ms. H. Fournier-Tighe English 40568
Ms. S. Gardiner Cooperative Education 53012
Mr. M. Gibson Automotive and Wood Shop 41433
Ms. D. Gillespie English 40547
Mr. S. Griffith Personal & Fitness Activities 40527
Mr. M. Heffernan Law, Religion & Tech 40551
Ms. C. Hon Math & Science 40528
Ms. A. Hughes Careers, History & Canada World Studies 40529
Ms. K. Hurst Program Support )(Department Head) 53013
Ms. N. Jones Guidance Councillor Students K-Z  53010
Mr. H. Lucas Math 40419
Mr. S. MacKinnon Robotics, Computers & Tech (Department Head) 40533
Mr. T. MacMullin Math 41188
Ms. L. Maynard English, French & Modern Languages
(Department Head)
Ms. V. Millare Math 41982
Mr. S. Murray Math (Department Head) 40554
Ms. I. Nekkers Food & Nutrition 40538
Ms. M. Okolie Science 40539
Mr. M. Orsag Canada World Studies (Department Head)
Mr. J. Partlow French 40400
Ms. B. Prior Religion & History 40510
Mr. B. Shields English 40542
Ms. D. Simpson Arts & Drama (Department Head) 40543
Mr. L. Sposato Physical Education & Health (Department Head) 53015
Educational Assistants / Ext.
Ms. L. Breton             40509
Ms. R. Darbin             41576
Mr. C. Eady                41252
Ms. M. Farag              41112
Ms. P. Fox-Waugh       40523
Ms. P. Lawlor             40550
Ms. P. Lehman           40531
Ms. N. Lothian           40790
Ms. J. Smith              40552
Ms. S. Stanislaus       40545
Ms. S. Wright            40548

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